Beds and Divans

We make comfortable single and double padded beds and mattresses, which differ significantly from the standard furniture in quality, material and manufacturing and gives it immediately a recognizable brand of perfection. All beds are manufactured according to customer's requests, which allow a high degree of individuality and variability.

In the manufacture we use the highest quality materials and modern technologies aiming to provide a high-quality, ergonomic, comfortable product of good design. At the same time and it is strictly adhered to standards of hygiene and every bed and mattress goes through a quality control during the manufacturing process.

We will be happy to produce your beds according to your proposed requirements based on almost unlimited selection of materials and colors. Of course there is a range of samples of mattresses from natural and modern materials made to measure for each customer that we can deliver individually as well.

Good days begin with good nights.

Covering materials

See carefully chosen covering materials of upholstered furniture.