Process of Restoration

If you are interested in a detailed view of the restoration work, see the section small excursion into production.

1. Calculation of costs

We first see the furniture in person or on a photo and determine a preliminary cost of restoration. If we can see only the image, the estimated price usually serves as a price guide, and then is specified after the individual assessment of each piece.

2. Selection of covering materials

The next step is the selection of antique covering materials. We currently offer a large amount of upholstery fabrics corresponding in shape and weaving manner to the different periods and styles when certain pieces of furniture were produced.

3. Realization of the contract

As soon as a mutual agreement with the customer is reached, concerning the choice of the covering material, the method of restoration implementation, the price or other possible requirements, we start our work. The length of restoration works is individual, depending on how demanding the whole repair is and on the complexity of the product itself.

Documentation of progress

If the customer is interested, we continuously take pictures of the whole works process and compile the survey of the individual operations, supplemented by photographs.