A small excursion into production

The basis of any upholstered product is made by quality frame. For this we use top quality dried spruce and beech timber in combination with plywood. All the frames are glued by adhesives intended for wood, which are characterized by high strength and flexibility of joints.

For production of antique replicas we use contemporary similar materials that were used in the period of theFirstRepublicin 1920 - 1940. These include:
- Seat, back and arm metal springs. All kinds of springs are made in different heights for different types of bindings
- Jute fabric
- African grass (comes fromNorth Africa, it is dried and finely cut palm leaves of Mediterranean dwarf palm)
- Horsehair
- Cotton yarn
- Hemp and flax twines

All of the above materials are of high quality and long life.

The basis of upholstered product is hand made ​​binding on the frame of metal springs, which creates the basic spring layer. This layer is important for the high seating comfort and durability, because the springs are stable over a long period. Attention, hand-tied springs can not be compared with machine-produced spring frame, which laymen do not realize. The main difference lies in the spring, because with the machine-made ​​springs the hand-binding functions as a whole made ​​up of individual springs, while the spring frame acts as a whole of tightly connected springs in spirals. Therefore, hand-binding of springs is more adaptable to each user.

On such a spring basis is created the appropriate forms according to the type of products (African grass, jute fabric and cotton yarn). We create the basic look of the product by manual shaping. On this new basis we manually create a layer, which forms the buffer layer between the coating and the shape of the product. For this layer we use materials such as horsehair, cotton wool, quilted cotton. Thus we have created inside of the product.

Another part of the production technology of antique replicas is the cover design of the product. Here we use high quality fabrics and leather which is imported from abroad (Austria, Italy, Germany, Holland, Denmark, England), but also from proven domestic manufacturers. These suppliers offer classic, modern, but also credible replicas of antique materials that are made like the models used 100 years ago. All these materials are processed and adjust according to contemporary technologies, such as sewing of piping, decorative lines, decorative tassels and trimmings. Lounge upholstered furniture made in this way will be used for many years to the satisfaction of every demanding customer.

The entire product can be described as environmentally friendly to the environment due to the fact that internal materials can be recycled and reuse.