Replicas and Copies

We are proud to offer you the absolute peak of artistic upholstery - the production replicas and copies of lounge upholstered furniture from the period of the First Republic (1920 - 1940).

More about the process can be found in the Small excursions into production.

Production of the copies of antique furniture

When making copies of antique furniture we keep the product contemporary shape, but for its inner padding we use the highest quality materials and modern technologies aiming to provide a high-quality, ergonomic, comfortable product of good design.

High quality and handmade production

All furniture is hand made, which allows a high degree of individuality and variability. The production is time consuming, depending on the model and the materials used and it is strictly adhered to standards of hygiene, each part goes through a quality control during the manufacturing process. Another characteristic of this furniture is the fact that all professional manual work is performed only by our experienced craftsmen.

Covering materials

See carefully chosen covering materials of upholstered furniture.